Obermeyer Brisk Print Pant

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An ultra-durable outdoor pant ready to tackle the outdoors - now available in Obermeyer-exclusive prints.

We designed the Brisk Print Pant with robust, reinforced construction through the seat, knees, and inseams, so you can adventure with confidence. We’ve also included our EWS™ - Extended Wear System, to ensure that the Brisk Pant is with you for years of adventure to come. While you’re going to and from your next excursion, the Brisk Print Pant features a unique anti-drag system that ensures that the pant’s hems don’t scrape along the ground. HydroBlock® waterproof/breathable fabric protects you from the elements, and Full-Motion™ articulation provides a dynamic range of movement. To bring style to your next on-mountain adventure the Brisk Print Pant comes in three unique, winter-inspired patterns.

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