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The Hera was not forged on Mt. Olympus, but that doesn't mean it can't possess some mythic qualities. The Tongue Tied BOA Closure System on the Hera looks like it could have been handed down from the gods because it utilizes a tongue integrated BOA that connects to a side mounted reel to close the tongue and securely hold your heel, while a BOA Coiler Lacing system retracts excess coil for fast, secure shell lacing. The Intuition Support Foam Liner Technology with Aegis Antimicrobial Coating seems like it could be a legend made up to explain the performance fit and all-day comfort the Hera provides thanks to it's heat-moldable, high-density foam. ?God-like performance" may be overstating the capabilities of the Hera, so a better description might be: a mid-flexing boot designed for all-mountain performance.


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