Salomon S/PRO X90 CS IIC

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The X-Pro X90 CS is an excellent ski boot for the intermediate to advanced skier looking for comfort and performance. The 360 Degree Custom Shell is a simple fit solution for the Authorized Salomon Dealer who has a special oven used to heat the shell. Once the shell is hot enough a bootfitter will place the boot on your feet. When the shell starts to cool down it can stretch and mold to match the shape of your foot for a perfectly dialed in fit. Salomon's TwinFrame2 Technology uses a lighter and stronger plastic on the sole and spine that improves your responsiveness and control. The X90 CS has the trademark 24mm Oversized Pivot that adds a strong connection to the upper cuff to the lower shell that enhances power transmission to your skis. The My Custom Fit Sport Liner has heat moldable properties in the heel and ankle pocket that adds to the customization, comfort and performance.

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