WOOX Ax Volante Leather Sheath

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AX FORTE Blade Sheath, Heavy duty with carabiner. 

Genuine Leather blade cover for your axe FORTE. The blade sheath is perfect for protecting the sharp edge of your axe FORTE.

· Built for performance and durability

· Made in Italy

· Professionally protective

· Finely hand stitched

· The quality leather is quite thick and the strap and rivets are sturdy

· Easy on and off from the axe

· Heavy duty carabiner included!

Carabiner is a 5/16 Inch (8 x 80mm) "D" Shape Carabiner.

Material: Electrophores Coating Carbon Steel. Protection Against Corrosion.

Hooks / Spring Snap Hooks, rigid structure design ensures Open-Auto-Close spring gate. Strong & practical.

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