BioLite BioLite Solar to MC4 Adapter Cable

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Looking to pair a BioLite BaseCharge power station with a non-BioLite solar panel? If your panel features an MC4 connector, this adapter is for you. This cord adapts your panel to HPP compatibility, making it ready to work with BaseCharge.

  • Gauge: 16AWG/12AWG
  • (1) High Power Pole (HPP) Ouput
  • (2) MC4 Connectors (+, -) Input
  • Length: 15" (380 mm)
  • Note: check your Solar Panels specs to ensure voltage and wattage output are compatible with BioLite BaseCharge series
Connector Type (1) High Power Pole (HPP), Output
(2) MC4 Connectors (+, -), Inputs
Gauge 16AWG/12AWG
Length 15 in (380 mm)
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