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An alpine binding with limitless capabilities, the lightweight Atomic Strive 12 GW provides the perfect entry point into freeskiing, allowing you to ski exactly the way you want, wherever you want. The low center of gravity LDN Toe places the binding closer to the ski for better next-to-snow feel, more direct response and quicker reaction throughout the turn. An easy step-in toe adapts automatically to your alpine normed boot height and width and ensures constant release values. A slightly ramped chassis positions the skier in a more neutral stance. The super light 3-part heel offers easy step-in while delivering convenience, comfort, and consistency. One of the lightest DIN-12 bindings on the market, the robust Strive 12 GW shaves weight without compromising durability by using just enough metal where it’s needed most. The result is an all-mountain binding with a lower swing weight for easier maneuverability and strong, proficient skiing all day long.
  • Automatic Toe Adaptation

    Toe adapts automatically to alpine normed boots for constant release values, even on worn out boots.

    Locking Brakes

    A smart click and lock brake system conveniently fastens skis together for easy shoulder carry.

    Snow Scraper


    TÜV certified

    This binding is TÜV certified and meets key safety and release requirements for ski bindings.

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