Hestra Philippe Raoux Classic - 5 finger

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A true HESTRA classic from the early 90´s, the Philippe Raoux Classic was the style that inspired us to develop our famous Army Leather Heli Ski. The relaunch of this style features the same look and durability as the original. Alpine Pro gloves are inspired by freeriders, mountain guides, instructors, and others who place high demands on their gloves. Skiers and riders who ride in varied mountain terrain and weather conditions will find the right glove in this category. 

Carabiner | Elastic at wrist | Handcuffs | Removable lining | Snow lock | Wrist strap with velcro closure


Chrome-free ecocuir cowhide | HESTRA Triton polyamide fabric
Chrome-free ecocuir cowhide - Chrome free tanned cowhide. Natural colour no dye added.
HESTRA Triton polyamide fabric - Windproof, water resistant and breathable. 100% polyamide.

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